What do I do? I pray for People.

Hi. My name is Frank and here is a little about my story.

When I was around 7 or 8 years old, my older brother gave me a book on the story of Jesus Christ in the form of a comic book. While reading the book, I remember being mystified by his miracles. When I reached the part where they crucified him, I remember crying like a baby. Though the pain I felt diminished when I learned he resurrected three days latter, I still couldn’t believe men could actually do this to our Lord Jesus Christ, son of God. This is practically the only book I read over and over again when I was young. I still cried when I read the part where they crucified him. I became a believer.

Prayers For Miracles

When I was in sixth grade my cousin, who was vacationing in Florida, was hit by a drunken driver. She flew a few feet in the air and landed on her head. She was brought to the hospital but she was in a coma. Around two months later, my dad told me she was not doing too well and to get ready to accept the fact that she might die. That night, while laying in bed, I prayed to God in my own special way. I thought about it and told myself that maybe I could offer God something in return for him sparing my cousins’ life. I asked God to take my arm in exchange for her life. I’m altruistic, so this was easy for me to ask of him.

Around one week later, I was doing cart wheels in gym class when suddenly I sprained an arm. My mom picked me up at school and brought me home. Later on, that evening, my dad told me that my cousin had come out of her coma. I was overjoyed. I thanked God over and over for answering my prayer and for not taking my arm. At that time, I didn’t tell anyone I had prayed for my cousin. I just believe in Divine intervention.

Prayers For Miracles

 Years later, her grandfather who was 105 had fallen ill with pneumonia. Everyone was telling me to go visit him, because he was about to die. When I heard that, I prayed to God in the same way for him as I did for my cousin. A few weeks later, he was over the pneumonia.

Not long after that, I went to visit him. During our conversation, he had told me that he was done with life. He had practically stopped eating. I remember him looking at the Cross right in front of him and asking Jesus when are you coming to get me? When I got home, I prayed to God to grant him his wish. Soon after that, he peacefully passed away.

My brother suffered a deep depression in his late 30s. When my girlfriend (now my wife) and I saw him at the hospital, we could see that he was in very bad mental state. My wife and I decided to take him out from his room and go for a walk with him.

We tried to talk to him but he would not respond. I held back my tears in front of him while I watched him stare motionless, almost like a statue. When my girlfriend and I entered the elevator, I started crying as I told her he had become catatonic. I was worried he would stay in that state forever.

I went home that night to pray to God to save my brother. I don’t remember what I offered God in exchange for my brothers well being, but the next time I went to see him he was talking. He was in much better spirits. I thanked God for answering my prayer.

I don’t know why, but I stopped believing in prayer for a while. Maybe because I didn’t want to believed I was blessed with a special gift or maybe because by this time my body was taking a beating from all the offerings I had made to God in return for these miracles. I had a bad back, heal spur, dislocated shoulder, essential tremors, etc. Yes, I have prayed for myself and my health has improved, although like I’ve mentioned before, I’m altruistic. My joy comes out of praying and helping others.

One day, my wife asked me to pray for her friends’ daughter. Let’s call her Laura, even though that is her fictitious name. She had cancer. I told my wife I had lost my faith. She was trying hard to convince me to pray for Laura, because she believed in me. We finally came to an agreement. I told my wife that I would pray for Laura, and that I would believe God blessed me with this special gift only if Laura’s cancer disappeared. So that night I prayed for Laura. Within a month or so, my wife’s friend called her to give some good news. Laura’s cancer had completely disappeared without a trace. Laura’s mom also told my wife that there were doctors from the USA coming to Canada, to figure out how this had happened.

I have prayed for many people of different nationalities and religions, for many different types of ailments: physical, mental, emotional, drug and alcohol addictions, evil eyes, jinxes, demons, spells can also be cast out through Jesus Christ. All my work is done by distance prayers and the results have been quite good so far. You deserve to live a happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling life. Always remember that God has the final word on everything.

Thank you, God almighty.