Rosa C

At first, I was sceptical about using your service, but I now believe in your blessed gift. I used to suffer from arthritis of the hands. Just doing everyday chores was extremely painful. What I feared most was completely losing the use of my hands. After receiving your email confirming that you had prayed for me, it felt like a visit to my doctor when I’m feeling ill. I walk in, he looks me over, diagnoses me, gives me a prescription and even before I get to the pharmacy and take my pills, I’m already feeling better. That is what your prayers did for me. My arthritis is now gone.
Thank you, Frank for praying for me and God bless you.

Sally P

If you want your prayers answered with a pure heartfelt relief from pain and agony trust in Frank! About a month ago, I was very depressed because my 13-year-old Labrador retriever was ill. I asked Frank to pray for me and my family and to have God give us a signal when it would be time to euthanize him. One night in June, I felt a presence around me of inner peace. That night I slept next to my dog and I knew it was time. He was weak and God took him without so much as a bark or complaint.

Thanks Frank

Mike G.W

On May 10th, 2009, my wife and I who were very heavy smokers, went for acupuncture therapy to break the habit. My wife began smoking with a vengeance shortly after. I was afraid that I too would follow in her footsteps. I knew that Frank was a firm believer in the power of prayer so I called him up and he said that he would pray for me and that God would give me the strength, courage and willpower to remain smoke-free. Nine years later I am still not smoking and I am very grateful to Frank for having prayed for me.

God bless you.

Bob R

Thank you, Frank, for your prayers. I had lost my job at a company I worked at. Although I had unemployment insurance, this caused many hardships in my life, because I was living on a percentage of what I was earning before. I sent Frank a prayer request to help me financially. A few days latter, I received an email from Frank telling me that he had prayed for me. A week later, my friend had found me work at a better company with a higher pay.

God bless you.

Peter. C

Just want to say thanks Frank my prayers were answered Praise be to God!


My story began when I turned 60 a few years ago. My legs were giving up on me and this was hard for me to accept because my nickname used to be (nimble foot). I had consulted a doctor who prescribed anti inflammatory pills and a cream. It helped a little but not enough to maintain an active lifestyle. So I turned to Frank who I heard prayed a lot for others. I am not a young man anymore so I expected very little. However today I am again able to climb the stairs and shovel great amounts of snow.

Thank you, Frank. God bless us all!

Prayers For Miracles